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The CSP’s new-look website joins up the profession and puts you at the centre of the csp. here’s how

Our members lead busy lives. We know that you want a service from the CSP that helps make the best use of your precious time and adds value when you use the society’s website.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the CSP site, or an experienced iCSP networker, the re-launched can save you time and broaden your professional knowledge.

If you’ve explored the beta version of the site, released at the society’s congress meeting in Liverpool last autumn, you’ll already know the site is cleaner and easier to navigate than its predecessor.

Click beyond the modern appearance though and you’ll find some welcome and substantial improvements.

‘We’re simplifying how members access the range of CSP’s online services,’ says Rob Ledger, head of online communications. ‘Allied to that, we’re helping members to manage more of their relationship with the society for themselves.’

All in one place

The most important outcome of the redevelopment work has been to bring interactiveCSP (iCSP) into the new CSP site. Until now, members have had to log in separately from the CSP website to the iCSP site. The new site means no more logging in to move from one site to the other, and no more wondering which site to look at to find what you’re after. All your existing iCSP networks are ready for you to use once you’ve signed in to the main website.

Logging in also gives you direct access to a number of other CSP sites: your ePortfolio account, the library catalogue and Physiotherapy journal.

With CSP and iCSP networks now in one place, several CSP professional networks are gradually moving their websites into the system. If your professional network is taking part, your CSP account will log you straight in to your network’s new website. Seven of these sites are already in development.

Manage your membership

The account section of the new site draws together most aspects of your CSP relationship – your contact details, email subscriptions, member profile, iCSP networks, choice of region, Physio2u entry and purchase history – in one place and lets you manage them.

Until now you needed to phone the CSP to change your address details, or email us to update your Physio2u subscription. The new site lets you control these online, along with your email subscriptions, access to regional networks and more.

Also you can see a report of your activity or list the content you’ve contributed, to share with your CPD record.

Where to start

  1. Log in (or register if you’ve not done so) at
  2. Check your profile
  3. Check your networks or join some new ones
  4. Set your region
  5. Tell us what you think

Main benefits at a glance

  • Joined up: CSP, iCSP and professional network sites brought together
  • One account: log in once to access all sites (ePortfolio, the library catalogue and Physiotherapy journal)
  • Manage your details: online access to your website account and membership record
  • New content: journal abstracts, blogs, images, video
  • Powerful search: search across all sections with easy filtering and prompting
  • Nations and regions: direct access to locally relevant content and networks
  • ebulletin – subscribers will still get this but will need to log in to the site to see any ‘member only’ links.

Guide to terms

  • interactiveCSP – the online web community that allows physios to discuss issues of professional interest
  • beta version – the ‘trial’ version of the new site which has been visible for several months prior to formal launch, in order to iron out any hiccups
  • ePortfolio account – the CSP’s online facility for recording and planning your continuing professional development
  • Physio2u – the CSP’s opt-in list of private physio practices

When you visit the site for the first time... won’t need a new username or password — your existing ones will work. However you’ll initially be sent to the profile section of your account area. You shouldn’t need to re-register but we just need you to check you details are correct. This helps us to offer you a relevant service and helps us comply with union requirements.

In order to access the site, you’ll need to provide contact details, HPC number and employment details. We will also ask you about your ethnicity, disabilities, communications preferences, qualifications, professional interests, clinical specialties, although you don’t have to supply this information. You will, though, have to agree to abide by the rules of conduct and the terms of service of the site.

It only takes a few minutes and once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with your details, you’ll have full access to the site. All data collected on the site will be fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. It will not be passed to other organisations but only used within the CSP to provide a service to members.

Access to Physiotherapy

In addition to the existing services offered on the site, now includes abstracts from Physiotherapy journal. The full articles remain on the dedicated journal site, but if you’re logged in on the CSP site, you can click through to the journal’s own site (hosted by Elsevier) without logging in again.

Local news

The new ‘Nations and Regions’ section provides a geographical cut on the site’s content. Choose your region and you can focus on all the issues from that country or area, published both by the Society and by members through their regional networks.
You may already have seen videos emerging on the beta version of the site to accompany the chair of council’s blog and to promote the upcoming ‘March for the Alternative’. Not only can the Society post these to illustrate what we’re up to centrally, but you can also add useful physiotherapy-based videos to your iCSP networks via YouTube and similar services.
Meanwhile, every page on the new site has been reviewed and most have been updated and improved.

Search engine

There’s no point having useful content if no-one can find it. The new search engine brings you the most relevant of the 200,000 plus items published on the site, including features published in back issues of Frontline.

From a single search box, you can query content published by the CSP, iCSP contributors, the library catalogue and any participating CSP professional networks. Handy tabs let you see instantly how many results each of these sections return.

The search also helps as you type, prompting you with similar terms, and offering alternatives for searches with few results.

Tell us what you think

You can see these features in action on the site tour video at But don’t stop there – browse around the site to see many more improvements.

The site may only be days old, but we already have big plans to continue its growth. The coming months will see the launch of online course advertising, a database of researchers and more interactive content.

Help us shape this development by sending us your thoughts on the site, either via email to or using the feedback form on the site at

Comments are visible to CSP members only.

Please Login to read comments and to add your own or register if you have not yet done so.

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