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What price a healthy lifestyle?

The CSP has urged local authorities not to price people out of participating in sport.

In the run-up to physiotherapy week, the Society uncovered statistics showing a huge variation in the cost of both swimming and playing tennis in England and Wales (no figures were available for Scotland or Northern Ireland).

While racqueteers in Selby, Yorkshire, have to fork out GBP11.40 to hire their local tennis courts, people in Wansbeck, Three Rivers and Watford can play for free. The cost of a swim ranges from GBP1.40 up to GBP3.60.

The figures are appalling, believes the Society, which says local authorities must prioritise access to sports facilities if they are to play their part in addressing obesity and enhancing public health.

CSP members from across the UK will use the data during physiotherapy week to promote greater awareness of the links between fitness and good health.


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