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What is interactiveCSP?

An introduction to a new way of sharing knowledge.

InteractiveCSP is a new approach to sharing knowledge, based on connecting peers who have a clinical or other interest in common. The initiative is based around an easy to use website called interactiveCSP or iCSP. The site has just been launched across the UK and this supplement provides you with a comprehensive guide to what it offers, how to use it and why it has been developed.

Network and keep up to date

InteractiveCSP enables people to keep up to date, to interact with their peers and to share knowledge and resources. It works across sectors and locations and covers a range of different interests and issues. It puts the individual in control because they only associate themselves to the issues that interest them and they can change these at any time.

Connecting the profession


InteractiveCSP has the potential to transform communications and knowledge sharing across the profession. Importantly, it has already gone someway to realising this potential because it is launched on the back of a three-year pilot exercise. Over 7,000 members of the profession were using the iCSP pilot site and feedback to date has been very positive. Key features of iCSP:

  • free, easy and effective
  • fully searchable
  • users contribute content
  • password protected
  • content is personal to your interests
  • email bulletins highlight new content
  • users can change interests at any time
  • single account for iCSP and CSP website.

The site was developed to meet the communications and networking needs of the physiotherapy profession following extensive consultation with CSP members in the Northern and Yorkshire region. From the outset, the purpose and focus of the initiative has been to support people in their day-to-day roles.

InteractiveCSP is all about physiotherapy not technology. It is an initiative that has been led by the profession and developed in partnership with CSP boards, clinical interest and occupational groups (CI/OGs) and individual members.

Professional Networks are involved

Over 30 interest groups are running clinical or occupational networks on the website and the CSP boards are running the CSP regional areas of the site. In total around 200 members of the profession will be helping to manage content on the site. This supplement demonstrates why and how iCSP is relevant to you and your needs. It sets out the benefits of using the site and provides clear and easy to follow guidance on how to register and use the site. InteractiveCSP is about:

  • physiotherapy and people not technology
  • connecting people around shared interests
  • networking irrespective of location or situation
  • doing your job more easily and more effectively
  • managing change - helping the profession respond and influence change
  • peer support on a 'give and take' basis
  • sharing knowledge and know-how
  • practical resources being made available to the profession
  • timely and targeted information and support
  • a partnership between CSP, the CI/OG community, CSP boards and CSP members
  • surviving and thriving in a rapidly changing world.

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Nigel Senior - iCSP project manager

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1 May 2006

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