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What ARC said

We conclude our coverage of this year’s CSP Annual Representative Conference, reporting on decisions of Conference on the remaining motions.

Unless otherwise specified, all the following motions on the primary agenda were carried on the Conference floor and on iCSP. See the 15 April issue for further details about ARC processes

Motion 3 calling on the CSP to work with higher education institutions in England to better prepare graduates for the commercial environment.

Motion 5 calling on the CSP to campaign against the closure of swimming pools.

Motion 6 on the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, including a call for the CSP to lobby the government to strengthen

links and trade between the UK and Cuba, was carried on the conference floor but was defeated on iCSP.

Motion 8 calling on the CSP to help tackle and support the problem of student loans overpayments.

Motions 14 and 15 dealing with inequalities in hospital car parking charges in England and Scotland.

Motion 17 calling for lobbying to ensure community staff are recompensed for petrol when using their own or

lease cars for work.

Motion 18 calling for the CSP to lobby to ensure employers comply with health and safety legislation and carry out risk assessments.

Motion 19 calling for a joint union lobby to re-establish safety committees.

Motion 20 calling for a campaign to raise awareness among members and employers of women’s maternity rights.

Motion 21 requesting that the CSP lobbies the Charitable Trust for the clinical interest groups to be extended the facility to access research funds.

Motion 22 calling for the CSP to provide formal support to ensure members of CIOGs gain reasonable time off for CIOG activities by promoting the value of the activities for both employer and employees.

Motion 23 expressing dismay at reports that associate members are being denied the right to become workplace stewards and safety reps, and asking the CSP to lobby against this inequality.

Motion 26 calling for the CSP to raise awareness among CSP stewards, managers and members of

the importance of carrying out equality impact assessments at the earliest possible stage in a reorganisation to identify the potential impact on all staff, including those with disabilities.

Motion 32 calling for the CSP to strongly advocate the leadership role of physiotherapy in improving

the health and fitness of the nation.

Motion 34 calling for the CSP to support the development of an NHS framework for international development – outlining principles for UK NHS professionals to develop partnerships with health organisations in developing countries.

Secondary agenda

Motion 37 calling on the CSP to take measures to deal with violence at work was carried.

Motion 38 calling on the CSP to promote the health benefits of working on allotments was carried.

Motion 51 calling on the CSP to work with higher education institutions to boost the emphasis on service provision within the physiotherapy curriculum, in order to better inform the shape and structure of frontline services, was carried.

Emergency motions

Emergency motion 1 on the conflict in Israel and Palestine, including a call for the CSP to support the TUC appeal to back the UN resolutions and push for dialogue between all parties, was carried.

Emergency motion 3 calling for the CSP to work with campaign group Stonewall and other trade unions to support NHS Employers to improve working practices with regard to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender staff was carried.


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