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Wanted: expertise in education

The CSP is on the look-out for recruits to help approve qualifying physiotherapy education programmes. The initiative, by the learning and development committee, follows the development of new processes for assuring the quality of education and supporting its development. The representatives will have the opportunity to:

  • add to their continuing professional development
  •  network with peers and debate key  issues
  •  help to raise the quality of education and, therefore, professional practice, service delivery and patient care
  • strengthen the links between education, practice and research
  •  implement CSP standards for chartered membership
  • use their expertise to advise on education provision, while enhancing  their own knowledge of developments  across the UK.

Two roles are currently being introduced: visitor and advisory representatives. Visitor representatives will play a formal role in approvals, as well as supporting the development of individual programmes before and after they receive approval. For this role, you will be currently working in physiotherapy education and have a breadth of experience in developing and delivering qualifying programmes; some experience of programme development, approval and review; and a broad understanding of quality assurance and developments in related areas. Advisory representatives will support visitors by advising education providers on more specific aspects of programme development and delivery. You may be a physiotherapy clinician, manager, researcher or educator but whatever your occupational role, you will have a strong interest in how physiotherapy students are prepared for contemporary and future professional practice. You will also have the experience and expertise to advise on particular aspects of a programme's development, for example practice-based learning, a clinical specialism, changing patient care needs and changes to service structure and delivery.  Closing date: April 28.

Contact Nina Thomson, quality assurance officer, on 0207 306 6161 or email


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