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Uniform agreement

The Health Secretary for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has agreed a new uniform policy for NHS clinical staff, ending months of battling to preserve the identities of allied health professionals.

The single uniform policy for NHS Scotland clinicians was announced last month. The new uniforms, intended to end variation across the health boards, will be phased in from September 2009 over three years.

Registered physiotherapists and other AHPs will be clad in Mediterranean blue tunics, a slightly darker shade to that worn by qualified nurses, while all support workers will wear pale blue with their professions embroidered on the front.

The decision is a compromise to the Scottish workforce and governance committee’s original plan of having all clinical staff who normally wear uniforms in the same shade of blue. CSP Scotland opposed this on the grounds that patients would confuse the two groups.

A second proposal for physios to wear burgundy, with healthcare assistants in lilac, was almost universally rejected.

Claire Ronald, CSP Senior Negotiating Officer for Scotland, said the CSP would continue to meet with the committee to discuss any ongoing issues as the uniforms are rolled out.

‘We have been told that if there are any major problems we can go back to the table, but we would need to show evidence of problems.’


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