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TUC praises Frontline’s commitment to members

Frontline and the CSP received a number of commendations for their work at last month’s TUC’s annual communication awards.

The judges included Martin Brown, head of communications with Equity, John Healey MP and John Moylan, the BBC employment and industry correspondent.  

Frontline, the judges said, ‘showed a real commitment to communicate with members’ and ‘successfully bridges CSP’s dual role and feels like a “must read” for physiotherapists’.

A feature on the role of Headley Court rehabilitation centre, published just before the Paralympics, was ‘timely and insightful’ and the illustrations by Ian Whadcock for the special themed issue on Physiotherapy your business helped ensure the message would ‘instantly resonate with CSP members’.

The one-off booklet on Delivering a quality service, about how to cope with services under threat, was ‘designed to be read’ and had lots of advice and links.

Meanwhile last year’s campaign on the Olympic Games ‘turned an international event to the union’s advantage’.

They said the CSP ‘harnessed the Olympics and articulated the role of the profession and its members in making the Games a success.

Excellent impact for a modest budget!’

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