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Talks continue over Annex A pensions proposals

Discussions between health unions and the government over Annex A of the ‘Heads of agreement’ on NHS pensions are taking longer than expected, pushing back the original late-March timetable for starting consultation with CSP members.

Peter Finch, CSP’s assistant director of employment relations and union services told Frontline that the broad scheme design and the rising pension age were not under discussion.

But initial talks have begun to look at the impact of the rising pension age for particular groups of workers with physically demanding roles such as physiotherapy staff.

The Social Partnership Forum, on which the CSP has a seat, has also started discussions on a commitment to continue protections for pensions for staff transferred out of the NHS, and how this may apply to any qualified provider.

This change, along with improved accrual rates, followed the strike action on 30 November.

Members can find out how the proposed scheme changes will affect them individually with a new calculator developed by independent actuaries First Actuarial with input from health unions.

This does not calculate the impact of contribution increases beginning on 1 April for staff earning £26,558 or more that have been imposed and are not part of the talks.

Increases in Year 2 and 3 are still not known but the government’s position of raising employee contribution rates to 9.8% average by 20123 remains unchanged.


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