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Standing up for women who have continence problems

A self-employed physio is honing her comedy stand-up routine in the hope of appearing at the Edinburgh Festival free fringe in August.

Elaine Miller, who describes herself as a ‘40-year-old mother of three school-aged children who does a bit of stand-up comedy’, says she is something of a rarity in the field – a ‘cheery woman who’s not angry and down on men’.

Stressing she can deal with hecklers in a relaxed way in part because she isn’t bent on making a career in comedy, Ms Miller said she first aroused interest from a talent-spotter who heard her tell a story about a ‘dismal date’ at a party.

The positive feedback encouraged her to give stand-up comedy a try.

‘I did a one-off gig in a comedy competition and surprised myself by reaching the semi-finals,’ she says.

During the day Ms Miller runs ‘Keep Mobile Physiotherapy’, working mainly with older people.

But in the evenings she holds ‘Gusset Grippers’ parties for groups of women in her home city of Edinburgh.

These, she says ‘combine comedy with education about continence’.  

‘The premise is simple – most women know they should be doing something with their pelvic floor, but many are not taught what that something is and so most women are not compliant with their exercises.’

Problems are rife but often hidden, she adds.

‘One woman in three aged from 35 to 55 has a continence problem.’ Ms Miller uses Twitter as a training tool to remind women to do their exercises.

Follow her at: @gussiegrips.

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