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Spreading the word

The CSP has signed up to a campaign to ensure everyone in the world has access to an informed healthcare provider by 2015.

‘Healthcare information for All by 2015’ is seeking to tackle an urgent need to improve the availability and use of healthcare information in developing countries.

Through two internet forums and the creation of an online knowledge base, HIFA2015 brings together providers of healthcare information and those who use it.

CSP international development adviser Liz Carrington said there were more than 1,000 CSP members working abroad, and she hoped that the Society’s support for HIFA2015 would encourage those members to work with the campaign.

‘Many of our members working abroad are in rural areas, and it is difficult for them to access information to make a difference on the ground,’ she said. ‘One idea is that mobile phone technology could be used to provide information away from urban areas, for instance.’

  • The World Confederation for Physical Therapy, of which the CSP is a member, has joined the World Health Professions Alliance.
  • The WHPA represents health professions including doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists.


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