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Society joins protest over spending cuts

As the government announced its spending plans, CSP members around the UK took part in demonstrations.

In London CSP members and stewards attended the TUC rally and a mass lobby of Parliament, protesting against deep cuts to public services. The rally at Westminster Central Hall brought together over 3000 people, including trade unionists, campaigners and public services workers and users.  CSP chief executive Phil Gray attended the event with Council chair Ann Green and Lesley Mercer, director of employment relations and union services. Additionally, CSP member Alison Lyddon was one of the invited speakers at Central Hall, Westminster.  In front of a crowd of thousands she spoke about her experiences as a health service user after suffering a serious neck and spinal cord injury.  She described NHS services as ‘brilliant’ and explained how staff expertise and the availability of resources were paramount in her recovery.  ‘Without them I would not be here standing, walking and even working towards running again,’ she said. CSP members also attended a series of local rallies staged by unions, public service workers and students. Physiotherapy student Matthew Roche joined a local demonstration in Leeds. He describing the mood as defiantly inspirational and said the event was ‘only the start of our struggle to protect public welfare, public services and our very existence as practitioners’. Lesley Mercer said of the TUC-organised rally: ‘This was a good start to a long campaign.’ Preparations are now underway for a mass demonstration and rally in London on 26 March 2011. 


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