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Self-employed must update their tax affairs

CSP members who are self-employed or who have a range of income sources – often known as ‘portfolio’ workers – have been warned to ensure their tax affairs are up-to-date.

Sue England, the CSP’s treasurer, said she had learned that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is planning to launch a campaign this autumn aimed at ensuring health and wellbeing workers pay the correct taxes on their incomes.

‘As I understand it, this is part of HMRC’s ongoing war against the black economy.

It is likely that the campaign will initially invite individuals to disclose that they have tax problems, followed by a period to submit tax return information and either pay what’s outstanding or request a payment plan.’

Ms England, who has a private practice in Stratford-upon-Avon, said there was anecdotal evidence that some self-employed and portfolio workers were not as familiar with the tax laws that applied to them as they should be.

For example, she pointed out that some members might be unaware that they can claim tax relief on their CSP subscriptions and other items in certain circumstances, such as uniforms.

Ms England added that HMRC has powers to tell insurance companies and health employment agencies to hand over lists of anyone they have paid.

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