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Scheme to create junior jobs proves big hit

Newly qualified physiotherapists are benefiting hugely from an incentive scheme set up to encourage NHS trusts to create new junior posts, says the CSP.

East of England strategic health authority provided funds to establish 50 new one-year posts for newly qualified physios who had not found jobs by other means.

Of these, 26 posts have been filled by new graduates who registered with the SHA-run talent pools.

Claire Sullivan, CSP assistant director of employment relations and union services, said feedback from the scheme received so far showed it was succeeding in its objectives – to employ more new graduates and deploy them in new roles.

She told Frontline: ‘For example it gives new graduates the chance to work in services like community paediatrics which haven’t previously had band 5 posts. There are some very positive stories.

‘Some of the musculoskeletal posts have meant new ways of working around waiting list initiatives, which have seen big reductions in waiting times.’

Some of the 24 posts still unfilled are being advertised to East of England talent pool members, while others

may be taken up early this  year when a cohort of around 20 physio students at the University of East Anglia is due to graduate.

There are plans to set up a social network for the new graduates who have found jobs through the scheme and to organise a celebration.

Ms Sullivan said: ‘What really seems to be bearing fruit is the SHA giving this a high priority and making a really focused effort.’


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