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Policy and practice

It feels like a lifetime away since we were enjoying the Christmas break.

In the first month of 2012, the society has already been juggling a number of key issues for members.

Top of the list is the continuing pensions dispute.

The industrial relations committee met last month to agree how best to consult members on the next step. (See news page 8.)

A series of meetings is currently taking place around the country to gauge NHS members’ views.

The plan is to hold a consultative ballot of all affected members through the Electoral Reform Society.

This is likely to take place towards the end of March.

But we’ve also been working on other key issues that will affect the whole profession, not just those working in the NHS.

As we went to press this week, the Health and Social Care Bill was once more topping the news.

If passed, the bill would fundamentally alter the way the NHS operates in England, passing the power for buying physiotherapy services to clinical commissioning groups.

For many of you, the machinations of central government are a far cry from the day-to-day reality of running a clinic, working in an outpatient team or rehabilitating patients with injuries or disabilities.

Policy can seem as remote from practice as Westminster is from where most of you live.

But it’s important to understand – and to continue to try to influence – the debate.

One thing you can do is to keep the CSP informed about what’s going on where you work.

When chief executive Phil Gray told the Daily Mirror (25 January) that more than half of physiotherapy managers are seeing a reduction in patient services, he said it with authority, based on information from members.

Christmas is long gone, and before we know it, Easter and the new any qualified provider arrangements will be upon us.

Don’t just stick your head in the sand and ignore it.

You owe it to yourselves to keep abreast of what’s going on.

And this issue of Frontline is as a good place to start as any!


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Lynn Eaton

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1 February 2012

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