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Plans to boost NHS staff health forge ahead

The CSP has welcomed the government’s pledge to implement an independent expert’s ‘groundbreaking’ proposals to improve the health and well-being of NHS staff.

Occupational health specialist and former GP Dr Steve Boorman published the final report of his review of the health and well-being of NHS employees last week.

He called for all NHS staff to receive comprehensive, ‘proactive’ health and well-being services as part of initiatives to cut staff sickness and absence that could save the NHS up to £555 million a year.

He said NHS staff should have consistent access to early and effective interventions for common musculoskeletal and mental health conditions, the major causes of ill health. Dr Boorman also insisted these services ‘should allow for self referral, rather than just management referral’.

CSP chief executive Phil Gray praised this emphasis and the government’s support for the recommendations. But he said ministers must ensure strategic health authorities and primary care trusts make the necessary early investment in specialist physiotherapy to deliver results.

He added: ‘Access to physio services when needed will reduce staff sickness absence and result in better continuity of care for patients.’

CSP national health and safety officer Donna Payne said: ‘Boorman has recognised that early intervention is key. The CSP is going to be an active player in the Staff Council and the Social Partnership Forum. At a national level we will be developing tools to implement his recommendations.’

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