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Physio brought the profession ‘into disrepute’

An RAF physiotherapist has been suspended for one year by the Health Professions Council for sexually motivated misconduct.

Guillermo Ganet’s treatment of three young female patients involved inappropriate interaction, a panel of the HPC’s conduct and competence committee heard on 2 November.

Guillermo Ganet was employed by the Royal Air Force as a physiotherapist at Fort Southwick Medical Centre and previously at RAF High Wycombe Medical Centre. The panel heard that Guillermo Ganet touched one patient’s breast without apologising during an unexplained massage and invited her to visit his house in Portugal with him.

He placed his hands on the hips of another patient without good reason during a therapeutic exercise, which the panel deemed a ‘serious crossing of a professional boundary’.

Guillermo Ganet said he was aware of and understood NHS professional practice, but the panel found he had difficulty remembering the patients and events.

Following complaints about Guillermo Ganet’s conduct to RAF bosses in 2007, he was suspended but no criminal prosecution was sought. The panel found the misconduct had ‘undoubtedly brought the profession of physiotherapy into disrepute’. It said a suspension was necessary and proportionate, and would give the registrant chance to ‘remedy those parts of his practice which are unacceptable’.

Guillermo Ganet was represented at the hearing by the CSP.


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