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In perspective - Frontline: it’s your magazine

After spending a day with the Frontline team, CSP vice chair Sue Rees has a message for member

It’s key to how we communicate lots of things with each other.

Not just news but also what is happening across our innovative and dynamic profession. 

What is new and what is working really well, and sometimes, what isn’t.  

The question is, do we, as members use it as much as we could?

I recently spent a great day shadowing the Frontline team to get an idea of how it’s all brought together.

The team was lovely, as you would expect, and let me have a taster of being a rookie reporter.

Believe me, it was quite a challenge with tight deadlines and lots of considerations around graphics and visuals, word count and ordering, to mention just a few.  

While I was there, I asked Ian McMillan, deputy editor, who was busy writing a feature on Bolton One, a new dynamic service linking research and sport, how he got to hear about the great practice we get to read about.  

He told me that members sometimes contact the team directly, but that he often hears about exciting, innovative and dynamic practice and services by word of mouth.

He is keen that members feed into Frontline and share their stories with others.

It may be that there is something you are doing that others would really like to hear about too. You may even have won an award, so take the time to celebrate it with other physiotherapy staff.

We are a great profession of ‘doers’ and so might not take the time to promote or celebrate with others. Now is our time to do just that, if we are going to ‘expand our opportunities’ as a profession.

I want to set us all a challenge.

When we do manage to set something up that’s new, have a great service commissioned, or even manage to successfully stave off the challenges to sustain services that benefit patients, let’s hear about them.

We can learn from each other’s practice across all services and areas.

Let’s make sure that we can show patients, service planners and commissioners what great practice is out there.

There are great things happening in physiotherapy. Let’s share them with each other so we can all benefit.  
If you think you have something new, different and well-evaluated to offer – share it.

Let Ian and his colleagues know and you might even end up being featured on the cover.   Email:  Frontline is a great magazine – let’s use it!

Sue Rees is vice chair, CSP Council

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