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The CSP is improving the way it deals with members' enquiries. From July 5, CSP headquarters now has one main point of contact, designed to improve the speed and ease of communication with the Society.

We've retained our main switchboard number - 020 7306 6666 - but members calling it should now be experiencing a faster and more effective service. A simple automated system will enable a larger team to take calls and deal with many queries there and then, backed up by a database of members' most common questions and requests.

If there is a more complex or specialist enquiry, the new systems developed over the past months will enable the enquiry team to put members in touch with the right people first time, more of the time.

If you know you need to speak to a particular member of staff, the enquiry team will be able to put you through just as with the previous switchboard system.

The main enquiry number has replaced the previous helplines, including those dealing with employment-related issues and professional concerns.

There is also now a central email address for enquiries:

The changes should mean that fewer members find themselves being put through to voicemail unless that's what they want, or being unsure whether they have emailed the correct person.

The phone numbers for other CSP offices also remain unchanged.

The development marks a significant stage in Council's programme of improvements to service delivery under the banner 'Better CSP' and has resulted from a long-term staff project to integrate and rationalise the way the Society handles contacts and enquiries, the publications it produces and the information it holds. The project is also intended to enable the Society to better understand and react to the patterns of members' requirements for advice and documentation.

These enquiry handling changes are the start of a long-term process of change and improvement. If there is anything else you would like to tell us when you call, your comments would be welcomed, as feedback will be vital in adapting the new systems to their full potential.


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