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North East trust steps back from worse terms and conditions

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has withdrawn plans that threatened more than 5,000 staff with dismissal and re-engagement under new terms and conditions.

In what the CSP said was a ‘clear departure’ from the established national negotiating process, the trust last October announced plans to cut sick pay for those rostered to work in the evening, weekends and bank holidays who subsequently call in sick.

It issued a notice of change to terms and conditions known as an HR1 form.

Trust managers sent staff a questionnaire inviting suggestions for £500k savings and the CSP provided a form of words for its 100 members to use, stating that they did not agree to changes to national terms and conditions.

But on 20 March, following a new national agreement on Agenda for Change terms and conditions, management backed down on the local deal.

In an email to staff withdrawing the HR1 form human resources director Clare Curran said: ‘The trade unions have committed to working with us to implement a jointly agreed new policy on attendance management.’

CSP senior negotiating officer Ian Taylor, who recently started work with the society, welcomed the announcement: ‘The trust has withdrawn its detrimental staff employment plan because CSP members, supported by former regional officer Rosie Lloyd, and other staff, stood together to resist the imposition of worse terms and conditions.

‘CSP members should be congratulated on the tough stance they took.

They recognised the important principle at stake, and successfully resisted the imposition of a local variation to their national terms and conditions.

‘Had that principle been conceded, further and perhaps more fundamental attacks on national terms and conditions would inevitably have followed.’

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