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And the nominations are…

If you've ever wanted the CSP to start doing something, stop doing something or do something differently, now's the time to do something about it. With elections to the Society's ruling Council coming up this summer, Grahame Pope, chair of Council, explains how members can take up the reins.

The next few months will give CSP members a crucial chance to shape the future of the Society and the physiotherapy profession. The strength of the CSP lies in its membership. The Society is here to represent everyone working in physiotherapy - qualified physiotherapists, assistants and students. It is run for physios by a Council of physios chosen by physios.

It's the CSP Council that sets the profession's agenda and the Society's priorities for action, directing and monitoring the work of the CSP staff. That's why it's so vital that as many members as possible take part in these elections, both as candidates and voters. Playing your part in this process is the best way to make sure the Society provides what you need and does what you want. If you don't stand, or if you don't vote, then others will take these decisions for you and your interests may not be represented.

There will soon be elections for 10 seats on Council. If you want to be involved in making decisions and leading the Society, now is your chance to do so. Members will be electing four representatives for national constituencies and six represent- atives for members in geographical board areas. In the nationally-elected section, there will be vacancies for one educator, one independent practitioner and two NHS-employed members.

The board representative vacancies will cover London, Scotland and Wales as well as the South-East Central, South-East Coastal and South-West regions. All of the new Council members will take their seats after the annual general meeting (AGM) in October and serve for four years, until the AGM in October 2009.

Anyone who's been a member of Council will tell you that there is work involved. But it is an experience that is worthwhile and rewarding and you will have a say on behalf of your fellow members about the future of the Society and the profession. All Council members' views are equally respected and there is a chance to have your opinion heard. Council meetings are challenging but also enjoyable, and will contribute to your ongoing professional development.

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to stand in the forthcoming elections and join Council in shaping the direction of the profession for the future. Most physios I know went into the profession because they knew that their skills and abilities could help others and make a positive difference. There's no better argument for putting your skills to good use on the CSP Council.

  • The deadline for receipt of nominations is April 29.
  • Nomination packs can be downloaded from this website - for members only: please make sure you are logged in. They are also available from Christine Cox on tel: 020 7306 6642 or email:


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2 March 2005

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