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New website uncovers 50,000 NHS job losses

False Economy, a new union-funded cuts campaign website, has revealed that there are more than 50,000 planned or potential NHS job losses across the UK.

Planned job losses, uncovered through freedom of information figures from NHS trusts, include a forecast 22.5 per cent of the entire staff at University of North Staffordshire NHS Trust and more than 15 per cent cuts at four mental health trusts.

Lesley Mercer, director of Employment Relations and Union Services, said the prime minister’s pre-election pledge to ‘cut the deficit, not the NHS’ had been broken and government demands for £20 billion of efficiency savings were hitting frontline services now.

‘Physiotherapy staff are affected by vacancies being frozen or stripped out altogether,’ she added.

‘The cuts undermine physiotherapists’ crucial role in helping injured people back to work and are storing up a range of health problems for the future.

This of course adds to our members’ workloads and stress levels.

‘The government’s huge NHS reorganisation plans will add to the burden and it will ultimately be patients who pay the price for these policies.’

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Joy Ogden

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16 March 2011

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