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A menu with a difference at the world café

Delegates at this year's CSP Congress will have the chance to devour some wholesome debate with their fruit and other healthy snacks.

IT issues and physiotherapy's scope of practice will be among the offerings on the menu at the world café, which is set to be a major attraction following its success over the past two years.

Based in the area where delegates can take a break from the main Congress sessions, which will be held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex for the first time, café-goers will have a chance both to learn about, and to contribute to, important areas for the profession.

Ann Green, associate head of physiotherapy and dietetics at Coventry University, who is helping to put together and run the world café programme, told Frontline the aim of the café would be to involve as many delegates as possible in debates.

'Each day's menu at the café will detail the topic to be discussed that day, and when the discussions will take place,'

she said.

'There will be facilitators, armed with microphones, who will encourage delegates to play a part in the debates.

'If there is a physiotherapy manager there, for instance, and someone raises a problem in a particular field, a second delegate might propose a solution, and the facilitator could go to the manager and ask ''would this work?'''

Over the two days of Congress, the world café will focus on three subjects, starting with an all-day discussion on the use of information management technology in physiotherapy on day one.

The profession's scope of practice will also be discussed, asking whether physiotherapy roles are being broadened or narrowed. The third will be a 'hot topic' discussion, either chosen on the day of the event or shortly before using interactive CSP, the society's member networking website.

Fruit and other healthy snacks will be provided at the café, and delegates will be encouraged to contribute in any way they wish, even by writing on the tablecloths, said Ms Green.

'The aim is that we want to get some hard and fast proposals, not just wishy-washy talk.' 


There will be three workshops available at Congress this year. Although full details are yet to be confirmed, one will focus on ultrasound scanning and another on orthotic therapy; both will be provided by Mobilis Healthcare. A third workshop will look at private practice.


CSP members can take advantage of an 'early bird' offer that gives two days for the price of one for those who book by 15 April 


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Graham Clews

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19 March 2008

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