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Membership of CSP remains good value

CSP members should by now have received letters outlining what they need to do to renew their membership.
Renewal letters, which give details of the CSP’s 2007 subscription fees, were due to be sent out this week.

At its September meeting, Council approved subscription rates rises of between 3.3 and 3.77 per cent, depending on membership category.

Full practising members will pay £264, an increase of 3.77 per cent compared to 2006. This equates to 80p extra a month.

The rates rises come against a background of falling recruitment advertising income and rising costs, over which the Society has no control.

The Society anticipates Frontline advertising income and student fees will drop. Meanwhile, costs are rising due to factors such as increases in insurance costs.

Income from student registration and membership fees could fall because of changes to the education funding regime in England, beginning in the current academic year.

Phil Gray, the Society’s chief executive, said subscriptions remained good value because of the wide range of services, support, publications and advice the CSP offers members.

‘We provide very effective representation on pay and conditions for physiotherapists,’ he said.
The Society offers a highly trained network of officers, stewards and safety representatives. It also provides £5 million of professional liability insurance, free legal support, representation and advice.

Through interactiveCSP, members  had access to ‘probably the world’s largest’ physiotherapy electronic networking system. It handles about100,000 emails a week, enabling members to discuss practical, clinical and professional issues. A total of 10,000 members, involved in more than 90 clinical and member network groups, signed up to the system in its first six months of operation.

Mr Gray reminded tax-paying members to claim tax relief on subscriptions, as it would reduce the cost to them by either 22 per cent or 40 per cent, depending on earnings.


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Leanne Bell

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1 November 2006

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