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Know thy reader

One of the cardinal rules for any editor is to know your reader: what makes them tick, what issues concern them, and – crucially – what they want to read in their magazine.

As a relatively new editor (I’m six months into the job) the findings of our recent reader survey have been invaluable.

They will help us shape the magazine in the future and start to inform our future communications strategy.

The survey showed some encouraging results. The majority of respondents (58 per cent) like the redesign, 55.9 per cent are happy with the frequency of publication and 94 per cent read each issue. After reading it, 85 per cent took action – including applying for, and getting, a new job.

We’ve taken action on the issues you felt needed to be addressed: we’ve dropped a typeface that was hard to read; introduced our CPD series; and started Physio findings, a column covering physio-related research.

We also found out some interesting things about you: if you read a newspaper, it’s more likely to be The Times (20 per cent of respondents) than The Guardian (10 per cent).

Many of you (82 per cent) have access to CSP online at home, but you still want to see a printed magazine which you can read on the bus or during a coffee break. I’d urge you to take Frontline into work with you: it can play a part in raising the profile of physiotherapy, stimulate debate and provide a great way of recruiting new members.

Whether you’re working in the NHS or independent sector, the magazine helps increase understanding of issues that affect you professionally and keeps you abreast of what the CSP is doing on your behalf, such as the Hutton pension reforms.

I’d like to thank the 1000-plus members who took part in the survey. But let’s not stop the conversation there.

The BBC’s founder, Lord Reith, who, back in the 1920s, set down the golden rule for that organisation – that it should ‘inform, educate and entertain’. That’s what we intend to do with Frontline too, with your help, so do keep in touch.


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Lynn Eaton Managing editor, Frontline

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20 April 2011

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