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Key features

Getting the most out of iCSP.

10 powerful features on iCSP:

  1. Your latest content - a list of all new content related to your interests.

  2. Monitor discussions - new replies are emailed to you.

  3. Email a discussion - to all network users if an urgent response needed.

  4. View your contributions - a list of all your contributions to iCSP.

  5. Search - includes quick and advanced options.

  6. Users add content - anyone can add content to a network. It is easy to do.

  7. Content categories - filter content based on key issues and themes.

  8. Highlights - brings important items of content to your attention.

  9. Change email subscriptions - allows you to remove yourself from email updates.

  10. Regional content - automatically filtered so you see content relevant to your region.

Using iCSP to keep up to date

Tools to help you to keep up to date include:

  • Email bulletins - you will receive regular emails listing the new content added to each network you have joined, plus one for your CSP region. These can, however, be deactivated for networks in which you have only a passive or peripheral interest.

  • Monitoring discussions - you can track any discussions you are particularly interested in. All new replies will then be emailed to you.

  • Your latest content - this is displayed on the first screen you see when you login. It lists, in date order, all the new content added to the networks you are registered with. This enables you, at a glance, to keep up with what is new in your interest areas.

  • Latest network content - each network also lists on its first screen the latest content that has been added to that network.

Contributing content

InteractiveCSP is designed to enable peers to share their knowledge with each other. Users can therefore contribute content to any of the networks they have joined. This is easy to do and is absolutely essential to the success of the initiative. It involves:

  • Clicking on the link to 'Post content' - located in the left hand side of your screen.

  • Completing a content form - either type or copy and paste text into the form and if appropriate add links to related documents or websites. It takes only a few minutes to add an item of content once familiar with how to do it.

  • Approving content - all content, other than discussions, will only appear on the live website after being approved by a network moderator. Moderators check the content and set various parameters ensuring content is displayed and categorised correctly. Editing is kept to a minimum.

The discussion & exchange module

The discussion and exchange module enables users to learn from each other. It was the most widely used feature on iCSP's pilot site and we had a lot of feedback and ideas for how it could be improved. We have taken many of these ideas on board and introduced a range of new features. These include:

  • email a discussion - users can email their discussion out to users if an urgent response is needed.

  • monitor a discussion - users can track discussions and get new replies emailed to them.

  • re-order discussions - users can re-order a list of discussions by title, author, date posted, number of replies, date of last reply.

  • re-order replies - users can re-order the replies to a discussion by newest first or oldest first.

10 tips to get the most out of iCSP

  1. Account - change your settings to reflect your needs and interests.

  2. Scan the homepages - they summarise what is new and important: perfect when you only have a short time.

  3. Use the email bulletins - they list all the new content so if time is short you scan these and only open items that sound of interest or relevance.

  4. Give and take - if you don't share why should anyone else. If you do, it will encourage others to do the same.

  5. Be courteous, concise and supportive - in all your contributions. This will get the best from peers and coax others to participate.

  6. Exercise your clinical and professional judgement - iCSP is intended to help and never to replace your critical faculties and judgement.

  7. Comply with the terms of service - these include respecting other users, not advertising, complying with copyright and respecting data protection.

  8. Keep your password private - you have a personal relationship with iCSP based on a private login. Content added in your name is your responsibility.

  9. Use the search - before creating a discussion or requesting the help of peers, search to see if the answer is already on the site!

  10. Logout when you exit - this means nobody else can use or misuse your account without your knowledge.

Managing your account on iCSP

A key principle of iCSP is the user remains in control at all times and can change all aspects of their relationship with the system whenever they choose to do so. This is quick and easy to do using the Account area


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