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Inflation adds to pay-cut pressures

Physiotherapists working in the NHS face significant pay cuts as the recent surge in inflation is predicted to remain for most of the year, the CSP warns

Retail price index (RPI) inflation rose to 5.1 per cent in January and financial forecasters Incomes Data Services predict that RPI will remain at five per cent for most of 2011 — at a time when NHS staff already face a two-year pay freeze.

‘CSP members in the NHS are facing a big pay cut this year and many will really struggle with household bills as inflation rises,’ said Peter Finch, assistant director of Employment Relations and Union Services.

Speaking at a TUC conference last month, Alistair Hatchett, head of pay and human resources services at the independent employment and research service, contrasted public sector pay freezes with rises in the private sector, forecast to average three to four per cent in 2011.

Mr Finch commented: ‘Physiotherapists are experiencing greater financial hardship because of an economic crisis they did nothing to create.’


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