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How iCSP works

An overview of the site and what it offers.

InteractiveCSP enables users to discuss problems, pick each others' brains, inform each other of new developments and share common documents such as patient leaflets, clinical protocols and much more. This is all done by easy to complete online forms that require only basic information technology (IT) skills to use. Once content is added to the site other users can then view it. The site has a powerful search engine and various other features to help the user to retrieve content, for example, email bulletins with links to new items of content.

The website is split into three content areas:

  • Profession-wide - content for the profession.
  • CSP regions - content of interest and relevance to a user's own region.
  • Special interest networks - content related to a specific issue or interest. Users join the networks.

To access the site you must first register. At this point you select the networks relating to your interests and you associate yourself to a health authority or board, which then determines the CSP region you are allocated to. The site is password protected and there is no public access. The aim of the site is to enable peer support and peer-to-peer networking. This means users have a responsibility to each other to share their knowledge and resources when they reasonably can. In return they benefit from access to all the knowledge and resources shared across the networks they are associated with. This is a fundamental premise. The success or otherwise of the initiative will depend upon the user community being willing to participate and to share. In effect it works by users giving a little to gain a lot.

Contributing is not a pre-condition of using iCSP. Confidence levels around IT or physiotherapy knowledge may initially prevent this. The system is intended for everyone and is an ideal way to build your knowledge and confidence. We simply ask you to remember that it relies on a 'give and take' premise and so when you are able to participate please do so. Finally, guidance is available on the site and support is available from the Society's iCSP team whenever needed.

Examples of how iCSP is used:

  • Posing clinical questions to peers who share your specialty - this is probably the single most common and valued application of iCSP. There are already thousands of examples of people helping and supporting each other.
  • Sharing common documents - clinical protocols, satisfaction surveys, audit forms, leaflets and more. Most services need versions of these and pooling examples is a great way to avoid reinventing the wheel and learn from each other to improve your documents.
  • Running consultations on policy or practice developments - when the CSP or a clinical interest or occupational group (CI/OG) has to respond at short notice to consultation exercises iCSP enables us to pull together evidence, views and examples directly from members of the profession very quickly. Our input is therefore greatly improved and strengthened with the voice and experience of frontline staff.
  • Sharing experiences around service reviews or redesigns - naturally you want to draw upon the experiences of colleagues who have been through similar processes. The site provides you with a great way of putting out a call to your peers across the country either with specific questions or a request for people to get in touch.
  • Sharing new resources with a targeted audience - when CSP or a CI/OG produce new resources for their constituency they now have the means of bringing it to people's attention as soon as it becomes available. If it is particularly important or time sensitive then it can be emailed out, if not a notification and/or the document can be added to the site.
  • Briefing the right people at the right time - when news breaks, a crisis hits or an opportunity opens up it is good to know about it and to be in a position to respond as quickly as you need to. Finding out about things too late or via the grapevine can be frustrating and disempowering. With iCSP, immediate notification and guidance can be issued in response to emerging issues.


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1 May 2006

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