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GPs’ report backs self-referral to physiotherapy

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has outlined its vision for the future of general practice and patient care.

2022 GP: A Vision for General Practice in the future NHS sets out a series of goals that general practice should aim to achieve in the next 10 years.

Rachel Newton, CSP public affairs and policy officer for England, said many of the ambitions outlined in the report could have implications for physiotherapy staff.

These include aims for GPs to work in multidisciplinary ‘micro teams’ that provide complex care, and developing community-based teams and networks that would support flexible models of care.

‘It points to GP practices working with other practices in federations, sharing back-office functions and jointly developing services,’ said Ms Newton. ‘It also indicates some larger practices incorporating hospital providers,’ she said.

The RCGP report also envisages more patients self-referring and highlights self-referral to physiotherapy.

CSP director of practice and development Natalie Beswetherick said: ‘The vision is very positive in its recognition of self-referral for physiotherapy.’

Mrs Beswetherick added: ‘Members will be able to use it to make the argument that the RCGP issupportive of self-referral for physiotherapy.’

To view the report, visit the RCGP website

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