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Global campaign bids for better informed healthcare

The CSP is renewing its support for a global campaign that aims to ensure everyone has access to a well-informed healthcare provider by 2015.

Birgit Mueller-Winkler, the CSP’s international development advisor, said the society had pledged to continue its support of ‘Healthcare information for all by 2015’ (HIFA 2015) – a campaign which it first joined in 2008.

Ms Mueller-Winkler said there are more than 1,000 CSP members working abroad and the society’s backing of HIFA 2015 should encourage members to engage with the programme.

‘Healthcare and community-based rehabilitation in less well resourced countries relies on families and communities, supported by local healthcare professionals,’ Ms Mueller-Winkler said.

‘But these healthcare professionals often have insufficient access to relevant and up-to date health information and knowledge.’

The HIFA campaign is seeking to improve the availability and use of healthcare information in developing countries via two internet forums and the creation of an online knowledge base.

It has also expanded its programme and now has 78 country representatives based in 36 countries.

‘This will help HIFA to understand the information needs for certain geographical areas and help them to produce end-user material,’ Ms Mueller-Winkler said.

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Robert Millett

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20 February 2013

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