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Finding content

Unlocking the knowledge and resources available on iCSP

One of the most important benchmarks of any website is how easy it is to access and/or retrieve the content you need when you need it. The iCSP site incorporates a number of powerful new tools to help with this, as we explain below: Filtering content - in addition to searching for specific items, there are filters throughout the site enabling you to find the content you need. These include:

  • Content categories - a drop-down list of the main themes of each network to enable you to only display content related to a specific issue or theme.
  • A-Z filters - to enable you to find content based on the first letter of the title.
  • Vicinity filters - found in the 'Events' section, to enable you to look for events that are taking place in your vicinity.

Lists of items of content - the first thing you see after you have clicked on a content menu - such as 'News' is a list of the most recent items of that content type. It might include the following:

  • 'Network-wide' and 'Region-specific' breakdowns - these only apply to networks that have a regional structure. It means you can see new content relevant to all network users and new content relevant to your region.
  • Links to view more content - at the bottom of each list there may be a link to view more items.

Searching iCSP - using the keyword search is the easiest way to find content. It can be used in several ways:

  • Home search - if you do a search from the 'home' area of the site it will search all non-private networks on the site, even those you are not registered to.
  • Network and region searches - if you initiate your search when you are in a network or region it will only search that part of the site.
  • Advanced search - this allows you to set additional parameters to further refine your search.

Viewing items of content - to open any item of content simply click on the title. Below are a few pointers to help you to move between items of content:

  • Documents and useful websites - these will open in a new window to enable you to view the document or site and then easily return to iCSP. To close an open window, simply click on the 'X' in the upper right corner.
  • Going back to the list of items - after viewing an item either use the 'back' arrow in your internet browser or use the 'back to list' link or click on the Content menu title on the left hand side.


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