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Devolved countries call for more cash

A motion calling for a 'radical increase' in CSP resources for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales was remitted to Council.

Welsh Stewards, who proposed the motion, said increased resources would ensure there was ownership of the professional, education and research aspects of the profession in the devolved countries.

'It would also mean that this important work would become a priority, that the profile of the CSP would grow in the devolved parliaments and that members would benefit as a result,' they argued.

'It is not enough for the CSP to respond to devolved government documents,' Welsh rep Ruth Jones (pictured) told delegates.

'We need to develop lifelong learning strategies, we need a proactive approach to research and development and we need upfront professional direction

to suit the needs of CSP members, that may differ depending on which country they live in.'

Funding, Ruth said, needed to be additional and not at the expense of existing resources.

However, delegates voted in favour of a plea for the motion to be remitted to Council. | rael martell

Motion 26 was remitted to Council


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