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CSP gets message out to the media

A letter to The Times about the Health Bill, signed by CSP chief executive Phil Gray, has brought unprecedented media coverage for the society.

Warning about the scale and pace of planned NHS changes, the letter appeared on 17 January, just before publication of the much-anticipated Health and Social Care Bill.

The letter — also signed by the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Nursing, UNISON, Unite the Union and the Royal College of Midwives — featured heavily in follow-up coverage across print and broadcast media.

The authors argued that the government was ‘not heeding the warnings about key elements of the proposals’.
‘The sheer scale of the ambitious and costly reform programme, and the pace of change, while at the same time being expected to make
£20 billion of savings, is extremely risky and potentially disastrous,’ the letter said.

Following the publication, Phil Gray embarked on the full media circuit, highlighting concerns that the government is taking unnecessary risks with the NHS.

He spoke live on the BBC News Channel, was interviewed on ITV News, Channel 4 News and BBC Radio 5 Live, and was quoted in national newspapers.

For more on the health bill, see the extensive coverage on pages 14 –17


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