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Comment - Spring Clean

Spring in the air – and Valentine’s day too!

What better time than this to look at an issue raised by members at last year’s annual representative conference: the difficulties for people who don’t feel they can be open about their sexuality in their workplace.

Imagine how it might feel to be bowled over by a new relationship, yet not to be able to talk openly about it?

Or to have a relationship breakup yet not feel you can confide in anyone at work?

The law makes discrimination for sexual orientation illegal, yet we all know it still happens.

Living and working day-to-day with that pressure of keeping a ‘secret’ can only add to the strain in today’s climate.

Let’s hope our article on page 24 makes physio staff think twice before jumping to conclusions about a work colleague, or making remarks that might offend.

On the subject of keeping down a job, our feature on page 32 looks at a new approach allowing physios to advise on a patient’s rehabilitaiton into the workplace.

Used well it could save employers millions.

Employment issues were high on the agenda at this year’s annual representative conference, in Manchester.

The impact of the cuts and the potential break-up of the NHS ran alongside concerns about the government’s pensions offer to NHS staff.

You can read about what the deal means in our special feature on page 18.

And ARC coverage starts on page 8, with more in the next issue, out on 7 March.

Or go to for our video coverage.

With so much happening, we need your help to ensure the society continues to represent your views effectively.

Whatever your opinion, and wherever you work, make sure you’re involved in shaping the agenda.

It’s your profession that’s at stake.

You can start by contacting us on:


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