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Comment: one to one

Physios have a privileged insight into people’s lives, says Lynn Eaton.

A firefighter’s job, traditionally, is to put out fires. And the established role of physiotherapy staff has been to provide rehabilitation after an injury.

But as Professor Sir Michael Marmot suggests, both professions can play a key role in prevention, not just treatment.

CSP members already work far beyond their traditional MSK role, offering support to people with long-term conditions. Some work in primary care settings, complementing the GP and practice nurse role. And members’ recent contribution to Older People’s Day (see page 8/9), highlighting the role of exercise in preventing falls, illustrates how diverse your work is.

As a leading academic in public health, Sir Michael understands the impact of someone’s work, where they live and their financial situation on their health and wellbeing.

Physios have a privileged insight into people’s lives and often their homes too.

That’s one thing to remember, as members of the CSP gather in Liverpool next week for the society’s annual conference, Physiotherapy UK.

As delegates discuss the latest clinical research and policy issues, it’s important not to forget that even the smallest intervention can make a huge difference to an individual’s wellbeing.

The reality for most CSP members and their patients is that the one-to-one relationship is what it’s all about.

Lynn Eaton, managing editor Frontline and head of CSP member communications

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Lynn Eaton

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7 October 2015

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