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Comment - The ‘F’ word

As part of my own professional development I recently attended a debate organised by Women in Journalism, on the role of social media.

‘Friend or foe?’ was the question.

I was horrified to hear about the abuse that some women who have placed themselves in the public arena – by writing blogs, or making comments on the web – have been subjected to.

Sadly, most of that abuse comes from men.

It left me wondering quite how far we’ve progressed to ensure that women have equal rights in our society.

Next month members of the CSP are due to propose a motion at the TUC women’s conference that calls for more women to come forward and play a role in public life.

Many of you do so already, from being a governor at your children’s school through to taking part in local politics.

But how willing will women be to step into the limelight if they fear abuse for stating their opinions publicly, as the women I met had experienced?

Physios (women and men) have a huge potential contribution to play in society, whether it’s arguing effectively for quality services, taking part in the new Healthwatch bodies, or pioneering new clinical approaches.

I know that for many women the word ‘feminist’ went out when ‘girl power’ and ‘ladette’ culture came in.

As someone who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, I’m happy to call myself a feminist (albeit not a particularly radical one).

Yet I know that despite all the advances, my gender is a factor in my career path and interaction with others.

So, with International Women’s Day approaching on 8 March, do you think the fact you’re a woman has affected your career?

Are you happy to be called a feminist?

Or are you a ‘new man’ taking on or sharing the role of family carer?

Why not drop Frontline a letter and let us know your views about the ‘f’ word?

We’ll give a £25 Marks and Spencer voucher for the best letter or email we receive.

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Lynn Eaton (Ms) Managing editor, Frontline

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20 February 2013

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