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Changes to Change for Life

The CSP has called for a long-term approach to secure improvements in public health as the government proposes changes to the funding for the £75million Change4Life initiative.

In a speech this month health secretary Andrew Lansley announced a scaling back of government spending on the anti-obesity advertising campaign and urged the food and drinks industry, charities and local authorities to fill the gap.

The CSP is an official partner of C4L, which aims to help families to improve their fitness in a bid to combat the health problems associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

The minister said he was impressed with what C4L had achieved but called for a new approach. ‘We have to make Change4life less a government campaign, more a social movement,’ he said. ‘Less about costly advertising, more about supporting family and individual responses.’ A Department of Health spokesperson emphasised, however, that funding would be scaled back, not stopped.

Lynne Stockbridge, CSP communications and campaigns director, said: ‘Change4Life has been successful in starting to improve public awareness of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, which includes regular physical activity.

‘To secure lasting behaviour change requires a long-term approach, so we hope that the Change4Life initiative is able to continue,’ she added.


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