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Campaign against ‘high risk’ NHS reforms continues

The CSP is among the health organisations continuing to campaign against the government’s plans for reform of the NHS as the Health and Social Care Bill continues its passage through parliament.

Ahead of the third reading of the bill in the Commons, which was due to start on 6 September, the British Medical Association (BMA) chairman Dr Hamish Meldrum called for the bill to be withdrawn or significantly amended as it posed an ‘unacceptably high risk to the NHS’.

In a letter sent to all MPs, Dr Meldrum said a key risk was the plan to widen patient choice to ‘Any Qualified Provider’ (AQP) across a larger range of services. It reflects a concern that the CSP’s chief executive, Phil Gray, has been raising for some time.

The CSP issued a briefing for MPs on members’ concerns last month, in time for the third reading. It is also working alongside the BMA in its opposition to the bill and has stepped up its campaign against the extension of AQP to include most NHS-funded services by 2013/14.

MSK services for back and neck pain have been highlighted by the Department of Health as a priority for the scheme. The society has published a members’ briefing outlining how physios can get involved in influencing the decisions currently being made locally on AQP.

Members can download the AQP briefing, published in August, at
To see the latest briefing to MPs on the bill, also issued in August, see


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7 September 2011

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