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Annual Representative Conference

The CSP’s Annual Representative Conference took place in Manchester on February 25-26.

ARC is an important debating forum for members and a fundamental strand of the Society’s democratic structure. The event brings together delegates across the UK, representing a wide cross section of the membership. This year around 250 delegates met to debate and vote on more than 50 motions. A month-long discussion on the motions on the primary agenda for debate was also started on interactiveCSP, the Society’s member networking website, before the event. For the first time this year the results of votes on motions through iCSP were included in the delegate packs to inform debates and decision-making. Motions passed at ARC are later debated by CSP Council and may inform the work of the Society over the coming year, but the motions are not in themselves CSP policy.  Read all the 'online' reports of the debates, below.


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18 March 2009

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