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What is a Support Worker?


A support worker is someone who provides care under the direction of registered or qualified Allied Health Professionals (AHP's) through delegation and appropriate supervision.

They usually fall within the Agenda for Change pay bands 2-4 and are currently not regulated. They can be profession specific ie supporting physiotherapy or work across professions ie supporting physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Band 2 - Basic Assistant
Band 3 - Delegated tasks only. Having an S/NVQ 2 (Scottish/National Vocational Qualification) or equivalent would be advantageous. This is the majority band for support workers (approx 70%)
Band 4 - Some re-assessment and can change treatment within agreed protocols. Band 4 support workers are likely to be working to more autonomy and able to make decisions within a protocol. They will have greater knowledge than band 3 but usually in one specific area/speciality.

They may supervise co-workers and be responsible for practical skills training.

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