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The spinal care revolution: a process approach

A highly practical workshop exploring the management of a wide range of acute and chronic low back pain conditions, including disc related condition, nerve root irritation, post surgery management and more. There will a discussion of current research findings and how they can be integrated into a manual/physical therapy practice to manage various spinal presentations. The workshop will address the aetiology, the underlying physiological and neurological processes and the psychological-behavioural aspects of the condition.
During the workshop participants will be introduced to a Process Approach in manual therapy. In this approach the management provides supports for the processes associated with functional recovery; in particular, repair and adaptive processes associated with spinal tissue healing and motor recovery and the processes associated with the alleviation of pain/sensitisation. There will be also a discussion about the shortcomings of the structural/biomechanical model for explaining the causes and treatment of spinal conditions.
In the practical sessions the participants will be able to explore their own manual approaches and how they can be specifically applied for effective management. They will learn new manual approaches for treating the spine that would allow them to expand their scope of practice. The workshop will also address self-care management for the patient. The participants will be introduced to Functioncise, a functional movement approach in which normal daily activities are amplified to provide the challenges necessary for recovery.


  • Understand the aetiology of acute and chronic spinal conditions
  • Explore the limitation of the structural/biomechanical model
  • Understand the processes underlying recovery and how they can be supported
  • Understand the tissue-related processes associated in acute and chronic spinal conditions
  • Gain insights into motor control changes in acute and chronic spinal conditions and their implications for management
  • Be able to explore the psychological factors associated with the patient's condition and how it impacts management
  • Understand the behavioural factors that maintain the condition and those that support recovery, including avoidance and recovery behaviour
  • Understand the role of sensitisation and how pain alleviation and desensitisation can be achieved
  • Be able to co-create with the patient environments that will support their recovery
  • Be able to provide comprehensive self care management for the patient



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Where & When

27 Jan 2018
Whittington Education Centre
Whittington Education Centre Whittington Hospital, Gordon Close,
London N19 5NF
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