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Neuro Functional Reorganisation of Padovan Method Module I Sensory-Motor Development

Main principles of The Padovan Method:

- Developmental process of  Walking, Speaking, Thinking 

-The Neurological Organisation of the Nervous System

-Observation of the human being in its natural growth

-Neuro plasticity (rhythm, repetition, regularity)

-Oral functions (breathing, sucking, chewing, and swallowing)


This is the first  of a series of five Modules. Module I is based on the theoretical foundations that demostrate the link between the Motor, Language and Cognitive processes. The goal is for the student to assimilate the core principle, and the theories of the Padovan Method, as well as to master the sequence of the body exercises that uses the developmental stages movement to reach each level of the Neuro Pathways.

MODULE I (4 days)

Students will learn: 

  • History and principles of the Padovan® Method of Neuro Functional Reorganisation (NFR) Physiological Developmental milestones 
  • Neuro sensory-motor development
  • Organisation and Reorganisation of the Nervous System
  • The connection between the  human being abilities of "walking", "speaking" and “thinking”
  • The importance of rhythm
  • The practical part involve the  developmental sequence of  body physical exercises including eyes and hands sequence
  • The development of manual and visual coordination. 

At the end of Module I the participant will be able to put into practice the sequence of body exercises according to the needs of their patients/clients, as well as the eyes and hands exercises.


The Padovan® Method Training Program currently includes:

  • 5 modules in sequence (I to V) four days each
  • 2 Practical Modules (I & II) two days each
  • Preparation of therapy videos by the participants
  • 10 Internships
  • 10 Self-therapies 

Each module includes practical and theoretical training sessions. 

At the end of each module a Certificate of Attendance is issued.

The Modules:

Module I: Sensorimotor Development (4 days) > 3 to 6 May 2018

Padovan® Method theory and practice of physical exercises 

Module II: Oral functions and its treatment. Theory and practice (Sept-Oct 2018)

Module III: Specific exercises for Malocclusion (bad bite), and articulation of phonemes 

Module IV: Study of the senses, sensory-motor integration, learning disorders 

Module V:  In-depth study of neurological and neuro developmental disorders 


The Padovan Method of NFR is designed for Health Care Professionals with clinical experience.


-Speech and Language Therapists 

-Occupational Therapists 




-Psychomotor Therapists

-Paediatric Nurses 


-Cranio-Sacral Therapists 

-University healthcare student, must have completed at least 50% of the course.

Padovan Method: when to use 

Because this Method is based on physiological development (how nature teach us), it  is safe to be used from birth to senior age, with excellent outcome. The program can be adapted according to the needs of the individual, that why it can be used in a varieties of different conditions:

Rehabilitation: In the various pathological cases of the Nervous System, and in cases of the individual not achieving normal development, be it motor, speech, learning or development neuro-psychomotor.

  • Prevention/ Maintenance: Improving motor and cognitive performance, for example memory, creativity and sports, improve posture, and body awareness. 
  • It’s also excellent with elderly, to maintain their abilities. 
Delegate costs: 
£530 per person


Organiser name: 
Lorena Salerno
Organiser telephone: 
Organiser email:


Where & When

3 May 2018 - 6 May 2018
9am to 5pm
R.H. Community Centre
81 Denmark Villas
Brighton-Hove BN3 3TH
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