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Headache Disorders: Diagnosis, Classification and Clinical Features (online course)

An understanding of the clinical features of primary and secondary headache disorders is essential if a management plan for patients is to be established. With this in mind, the ability to quickly recognise the characteristics of commonly presented headaches will allow successful interaction with patients in order to provide them with the most appropriate treatment.

The course focuses on the following:

·Primary and secondary conditions

·Episodic, intermediate and chronic headache

·Identifying warning signs of secondary headaches

·Classification according to the ICHD-III

·The clinical features, diagnostic criteria, and differential diagnosis of the episodic forms of

·Tension-type headache, migraine, trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias and medication overuse headache

·The spectrum of migraine

The course is fully online and runs for five weeks. For a full description, please visit the website.

Website link:

Learning outcomes:

  • Differentiate between the different categories and associated subtypes of migraine and other headaches based upon the clinical features of individual patients.
  • Effectively use diagnostic tools in a clinical setting to identify the different headache subtypes.
  • Assess the impact of headache on patients' daily lives and activities.
  • Identify 'red flags' associated with sinister headaches or headaches arising as a secondary condition and discuss with patients the need for referral if sinister headaches are identified.
  • Employ the use of management techniques such as a headache diary, HIT-6 and MIDAS questionnaire to monitor to evaluate the ongoing treatment needs of a patient, recognise, and recognise that headache symptoms and headache classification can change with time.
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Dr Christopher McKenzie
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Where & When

15 Jan 2018 - 18 Feb 2018
University of Edinburgh
South Bridge
Edinburgh EH8 9YL
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