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Dynamic Movement Skills Coach

Course Overview

Get certified to train and coach using the Dynamic Movement Skills™ training system.  Attendees will learn how to work with individuals or groups of various ages and abilities – from 5 year-olds to elite athletes.   It will cover the fundamental movements universal to all 3 training concepts (Kids, Speed & Rehab) with a focus on the Kids and Speed training concepts.

This course will provide attendees with a thorough understanding of the background, research, coaching methodology and practical applications of Dynamic Movement Skills™.

It is a very practical-based course with lots of physical participation in order that applicants can fully understand the physical effects and benefits of this training system.

** To learn rehabilitation methods using DMS, this is covered on the Movement Re-Patterning for Rehabilitation course

Course Objectives

  • Understand of the research behind DMS
  • Understand the theory of movement re-education, development of gross motor skills & training the nervous system
  • Understand the current problems with movement in adults and children
  • Gain an understanding of dominant & non-dominant development
  • Understand the theory and practical application of plyometrics
  • Demonstrate and coach DMS Fundamental Movements
  • Observe, correct and test movement inefficiencies
  • Lead a coaching session for both individuals and groups
  • Learn to coach kid’s movement
  • Learn to coach speed for athletes
  • Learn to develop gross motor skills, co-ordination, agility, quick feet & dynamic balance in children and adults
  • Provide safe and effective warm-up and cool down procedures for DMS session
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Organiser name: 
Sheena Allport
Organiser telephone: 
0208 743 6047
Organiser email:


Where & When

1 Jun 2018
9am - 4pm
The Movement & Running School HQ
Twyford Avenue
London W3 9QA
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