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Dr Sue Reid Presents: Cervicogenic Dizziness Masterclass (includes BPPV, Post-Concussion Dizziness & Vestibular rehabilitation)

Learning objectives:

•Understand dizziness as a global definition of symptoms

•Define cervicogenic dizziness, and recognize how it differs from other types of dizziness.

•discussion the facets of dizziness after concussion injury and its management.

•How to interview a person with neck pain and dizziness

•How to perform a physical assessment of the cervical spine with emphasis on assessment of the upper cervical spine.

•Review of the utility and validity of the assessment of VBI

•Be empowered with take-home treatment  techniques for of patients with cervicogenic dizziness, prolonged post-concussion dizziness, BPPV and some vestibular problems


This workshop will include

Review of dizziness and its classification, types and causes

What is cervicogenic dizziness

How we identify cervicogenic dizziness

Case studies (These will be followed through the examination for clinical reasoning)

Discussion of dizziness post sports concussion


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Organiser name: 
Lynn Newman
Organiser telephone: 
0114 3491281
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Where & When

29 Jan 2018
Remedy Courses, Remedy House
24 Wilkinson Street
Sheffield S10 2GB
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