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Contact Elbow Disorders – Not All Lateral Elbow Pain is Tennis Elbow


Injuries to the elbow are less common than the rest of the upper limb. However, once injured, the consequences can be serious, especially if the injury is not recognised and treated early on. In this talk Mr Lee Van Rensburg, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon will discuss some of the most common causes of pain in the elbow, and the treatment options available to provide the best possible outcome.

Mr Van Rensburg will cover a range of elbow disorders, from the common Tennis Elbow, (Elbow Epicondylitis), and Golfer’s Elbow, (Medial Epicondylitis), to rarer disorders that AHPs should be confident in recognising and diagnosing.

An overview, epidemiology and pathology of common conditions will be outlined as Mr Van Rensburg discusses investigations and differential diagnoses. This talk will shed light on the latest treatment options for common conditions, and will guide you through the options for their management, both surgical and therapeutic. Instability of the elbow will also be touched upon; it is a commonly missed and under-diagnosed condition which can be unfortunately disabling if left untreated.


  •  Anatomy, assessment and classification of elbow pain 
  •  Clinical features/Investigations/Differential diagnoses of common conditions 
  •  Modes of treatment available 
  •  Surgical techniques and return to sports thereafter

What's included:

Admission to course, 2 hours CPD, speakers' handouts, tea and coffee on arrival, light refreshments during interval, Certificate of Attendance

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CPD Gateway
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0208 150 6773
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Where & When

6 Sep 2018
7pm - 9pm
Sports Injury Clinic Fordham
Fordham House Estate, Newmarket Road
Fordham CB7 5LL
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