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Birmingham's 1st Orthopaedic Masterclass: Imaging, Rehab and Lower Limbs

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CPD Gateway is excited to present a new event, taking place in Birmingham in conjunction with the Bromsgrove Private Clinic. This course is the second in the series, providing a day consisting of educational lectures by Bromsgrove Private Clinic Orthopaedic group.

State of the Art Knee Surgery – Mr Kirti Moholkar

Mr Moholkar will take the first opening talk on state of the art knee surgery. He will discuss nuances in the treatment of arthritis with emphasis on knee replacement, including enhanced recovery and day case knee replacement. 

  • Overview of arthritis treatment options
  • Knee replacement and the technique in brief
  • Recent advances in knee replacement surgery
  • Day case knee replacement surgery

 Post Op Rehab Protocols – Ms Lesley Hall

Leslie Hall, a senior physiotherapist, will discuss various treatment protocols and post-operative rehabilitation regimes that are followed by the clinic consultants of various specialities. This talk will cover the standard rehabilitation practice with reference to knee, shoulder, hip, hand and spinal issues. 

  • Rehab options for common joint problems
  • Bromsgrove Private Clinic, knee and shoulder rehab protocols
  • Recent advances in rehabilitation.

Foot Pain – Mr Hari Prem

Mr Prem will discuss the aetiology and management of a painful foot. A framework for the assessment of patients with spontaneous and sports related foot pain will be covered. Guidance on when to refer and a summary of standard treatment will be provided.

  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Transfer Metatarsalgia
  • Use of Orthotics
  • Achilles Tendinitis

Clinic Upright MRI scans and PRP Ultrasound guided injection – Dr Anish Patel

Dr Patel is a Consultant Radiologist, specialising in upright MRI scans. He will discuss PRP injections around the knee and ankles in addition to the significant advances in MRI scanning technology and functional scans which are being used by knee and spinal surgeons. 

  • Indications for functional scanning
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the technology
  • Evaluation of platelet rich plasma

 Why Does The Back Ache? - Mr Jwalant Mehta

Mr Jwalant Mehta, a Consultant Spinal Surgeon, will talk about management of back pain. This talk will cover the aetiology and the demographics that can be seen in patient pathology, as well as processes of pathophysiology associated with back ache.

  • Pathophysiology of back ache
  • Investigations and special tests
  • Conservative management of back ache

Lower Limb Reconstruction: The Biological Way - Mr Mohi El Shazly

The concluding talk will be taken by Mr El Shazly, Consultant Knee Surgeon, who will discuss his experience in reconstructing the lower limbs by using biological techniques. Mr Shazly will provide an insight into using Hemicallotasis for alleviation of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms as an example of high tibial osteotomy.

  • Lower limb reconstructive surgery
  • Advantages and disadvantages of hemicallotasis
  • Clinical examples

Admission to all day event, handout booklet containing all speaker's notes/slides, coffees/teas/pastries on arrival, mid-morning coffee and snacks, lunch, afternoon tea and snacks, certificate of attendance.


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Claudia Cliffe
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Where & When

20 Jan 2018
The Studio
7 Cannon Street
Birmingham B2 5EP
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