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National profiles for physiotherapy


For Agenda for Change National physiotherpy job profiles as agreed by the Job Evaluation Group (JEG) follow the link to the NHS Employers website and click on "Physiotherapy" to find requirements and banding following profiles:

  • Clinical Support Worker (Physiotherapy) (AfC band 2)
  • Clinical Support Worker Higher Level (physiotherapy) (AfC band 3)
  • Physiotherapist (AfC band 5)
  • Physiotherapist Specialist (AfC band 6)
  • Physiotherapist Specialist (Experienced Rotational) (AfC band 6)
  • Physiotherapist Advanced (AfC band 7)
  • Specialist Physiotherapist (Respiratory Problems) (AfC band 7)
  • Specialist Physiotherapist (Community) (AfC band 7)
  • Physiotherapy Team Manager (AfC band 7)
  • Physiotherapist Principal (AfC band 8A)
  • Physiotherapist Consultant (AfC band 8A – 8B)
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