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WCPT Congress: let's be part of the worldwide physiotherapy community

Katrina Kennedy makes the case for collaboration ahead of travelling to next week's big international physiotherapy conference

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I lived in South Africa as a child so was keen to attend this year's WCPT conference in Cape Town. First up I submitted funding applications for St Thomas Hospital and Winston Churchill travel awards. I then hoped to submit an abstract of my pilot research project for a poster presentation.

Unfortunately the qualitative interviews I wanted to use for the presentation were delayed and the time scales didn't fit. However, when I heard there was the possibility of a CSP Council place, I jumped at the chance. Submitting my 500 words written on the train on the way back from a Council meeting, I was determined to gain a place.

The focus of my application had three parts:

  1. as someone who is very involved in the Dorset STP MSK hub models, how do other countries address rural health care?
  2. given I've been working on a project looking at the qualitative analysis of community-integrated hubs, how can our trust's work influence future hub modelling?
  3. how can we learn from other countries in moving the future UK physiotherapy workforce to being more person and home-centred?

Empower, transform and influence

Our CSP strategy for the next three years focuses on empowering, transforming and influencing. In order to empower people and transform patients lives, we need to have a full understanding of how healthcare operates in other countries. How do they approach these issues, particularly given modern multicultural societies? Discussions with a much wider audience will help give me a fresh perspective.

Having been to the last WCPT Congress in Amsterdam and the recent ER-WCPT Congress in Liverpool, I am a strong advocate for collaboration. Sharing experiences of practice and policy development within the worldwide physiotherapy community can only be a good thing – we have so much to learn from each other. I'm particularly interested in the non-medical model of healthcare: how do you manage with limited access to pharmacology, technology and modern medicine?

My chosen outcome from the trip is to share the experience and learning through this blog and with CSP Council. I also want to use the stories I'm going to hear to influence healthcare in Dorset.

I was honoured and delighted to hear from CSP director Natalie Beswetherick that I was successful in gaining one of the five Council places, and reflected that timing is everything. By networking and being determined, it is possible to fulfil any ambition!

Katrina Kennedy is Head of Clinical Effectiveness at Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust. Follow Katrina on Twitter @katrina_quality

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Post date:

27 June 2017
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