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Environment policy

The CSP recognises that its operations have an environmental impact, and has a policy to address the issue. The policy commits the organisation to reducing resource consumption and travel needs, while seeking to improve day-to-day staff behaviours.

The CSP is extremely concerned about the impact of climate change on the current and future health of physiotherapy staff, their patients and the wider local, national and international populations. See our position statement on Climate change and health.

CSP Council and Senior Management Team are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance. The Society will ensure that any changes are made in compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

Resource consumption

We will:

  • consider the cost and environmental benefits of using energy efficient suppliers for gas and electricity
  • consider alternative replacements for equipment that reaches the end of its life – for example replacing a printer with an energy efficient double-sided printer or replacing lightbulbs with energy efficient bulbs
  • assess energy consumption of new equipment when making purchasing decisions
  • seek to ensure that electricity, gas and water is not wasted
  • seek to reduce wastage on a day to day basis, for example by promoting turning PCs to standby and printers and lights off when not in use, and always off at the end of the day


We will reduce fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and travel costs by careful consideration of travel modes. Staff and members are asked to consider whether a face to face meeting could better be co-ordinated through telephone or, when available, video conferencing or through extended use of the email system.

Day-to-day behaviours

We will look to improve our day to day behaviours in a greener way. For example, we will:

  • not print out or photocopy unnecessarily
  • recycle our waste paper
  • recycle our paper or plastic cups at the end of the day
  • share unwanted stationery with someone who may have a use for it
  • encourage members to develop green policies of their own
  • investigate purchasing recycled and environmentally friendly products where financially viable.


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