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Members Benevolent Fund

File 118834CSP's Members Benevolent Fund was set up in 1917 to assist members experiencing financial difficulties.

Important Information about the Members Benevolent

There are some changes due to happen with the administrative work of the Board of Trustees as of 1 January 2018. The administration of applications to the MBF is being outsourced to Auriga Services. Auriga Services are a company who are very experienced in working with charities, handling both new and review applications and who have assisted over 15,000 people over recent years.

The Trustees of the MBF believe that this new relationship will be of benefit to everyone involved. Auriga Services have the well-established skills and knowledge to identify what benefits should be in place for applicants, they know how to access further help from other sources when on benefits and have a broad knowledge of other charities who may be able to provide support. The Trustees believe that Auriga Services will be able to provide valuable additional information and support to the applicants and to the MBF in today’s ever more complicated environment.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy will no longer be providing administrative support to the MBF after 1 January 2018 and all calls and emails should be directed to Auriga Services.

The new contact details from January 1st are:


Telephone number: 03306780655.

Postal Address: Auriga Services Ltd, Emmanuel Court, 12 - 14 Mill Street, Sutton Coldfield B72 1TJ.

The Trustees firmly believe that this is a positive step forward for the Members Benevolent Fund as we embark on our 101st year. The Trustees have done this work since the fund was set up in 1917, latterly with admin support from the CSP, and we are one of the last charities of this type not to be using dedicated professional administrative assistance. We believe the time is right to make this change which will benefit both CSP members and the Members Benevolent Fund, with an enhanced service.

The Trustees would like to express their sincere thanks to the many staff at the CSP (and within its forerunner organisations) who have assisted with administration of the Fund since its inception in 1917.

The fund is a source of support to this day, helping members, fellows, associates and students past and present who may be experiencing financial difficulties following, for example, an accident, serious illness or relationship break-up. 

MBF Christmas cards

To celebrate its the Centenary the MBF have commissioned Christmas Cards in partnership with Admiral Charity Cards.

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The MBF Centenary

File 203784The Members' Benevolent Fund was formed in January 1917, in in response to Society members no longer able to support themselves or their families as a result of the Great War.

Now, the Trustees have been working to mark 100 years of the fund and ensure that it moves forward in line with the requirements of a modern charity.

The history of the fund will on display at various conferences during the year and it will be available online. 

The Centenary Challenge

The MBF ‘Centenary Challenge’ is asking for 100 members (or groups of members) to raise £100 during 2017.

This could raise £10,000 to provide preventative workshops for members, with the aim of helping members before a problem necessitates financial assistance.

Workshops would cover topics like finances, retirement preparation, and coping with stress. The ultimate aim is to have these online for members to access as and when they need them.

This year we will start with a pilot project of four financial workshops to help members cope with finances, budgeting, debts and good financial habits and planning.

They will start in London in June. Others will take place around the country and are free for any member wishing to attend. Dates will be available shortly and information about how to apply.

You can download the Centenary leaflet from the Members Benevolent Fund documents page.

How can the Members Benevolent Fund help?

Over the years MBF has helped many members with either a single grant or with regular monthly financial assistance to meet ongoing living costs or to help with the provision of heating or transport.

These contributions can assist towards:

  • special equipment to aid independent living
  • household repairs
  • short-term emergency childcare
  • unexpected costs incidents such as flooding or a car accident.

We can also pay the CSP subscriptions of those receiving assistance to keep them in touch with the Society. We are unable, however, pay for HCPC subscriptions as they can only be paid directly by the person themselves.

Who can apply?

The Members Benevolent Fund monies are available to help anyone who is or has been a full member of the Society (UK or overseas), an Associate member or a Student member.

If you need help or know someone who needs help, please contact us on for an application form or download one below. All applications are dealt with in complete confidence.

The MBF exists to assist you wherever it can, and will remain in touch for as long as support is required. This may be weeks or years.

How can you help?

The MBF Trustees are very grateful to the CSP who give the MBF an annual grant. This, together with income from the MBF Trust Fund, enables our work to continue.

However, we are also reliant on donations from CSP members to enable us to give those little extras like a gift at Christmas and on birthdays.

You can make a single donation or a regular contribution, and by using Gift Aid we can claim an extra 25p in the pound from the taxman on your donation.

You can now donate on line by visiting

You could hold a coffee morning or other event to assist the MBF or choose to remember the MBF in your will.

Members Benevolent Fund applications and queries

For MBF queries, application forms or more information about donations, please contact

The application forms are below. Members and Associates should use the general form and there is a separate one for Student Applications. Please do not change the forms in any way.

Please send the completed and signed form to the MBF at the CSP. Electronic forms can be sent to but must also be sent by post.


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