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Members Benevolent Fund

File 118834CSP's Members Benevolent Fund was set up in 1917 to assist members experiencing financial difficulties.

Important Information about the Members Benevolent Fund (MBF)

The MBF is administered by Auriga Services. 


Telephone number: 0330 678 0655

Postal Address: CSP MBF, PO Box 17425, Sutton Coldfield B73 7DY

The CSP does not provide administrative support to the MBF, so all calls and emails should be directed to Auriga Services.

The MBF Centenary

The Members Benevolent Fund was formed in January 1917, in in response to Society members no longer able to support themselves or their families as a result of the Great War.

File 203784The Trustees worked to mark 100 years of the fund with information about the history, improved governance to ensure the MBF works and moves forward in line with the requirements of a modern charity, and establishing a Centenary Fund to set up some preventative workshops for members – e.g. ‘Managing your Finances’ and ‘Retirement Preparation’ to assist members when facing a challenging period in their lives.

This ring-fenced money will be used to provide workshops around the country. These will be free of charge to members and dates and venues will be advertised.

The MBF Trustees would like to thank those members who assisted in raising money for this fund during our Centenary. 

How can the MBF help?

The MBF provides support for members who are experiencing hardship / financial difficulties through misfortune - accidents, illness or other unexpected events.

These contributions can assist towards:

  • Assistance through illness / rehabilitation
  • special equipment to aid independent living
  • household repairs
  • short-term emergency childcare
  • unexpected costs incidents such as flooding or a car accident.

Over the years MBF has helped many members with either a single grant or with regular monthly financial assistance to meet ongoing living costs or to help with the provision of heating or transport.

We can also pay the CSP subscriptions of those receiving assistance to keep them in touch with the Society. We cannot however, pay for HCPC subscriptions as these can only be paid directly by the person themself.

Please note: we are unable to assist where there is a shortfall in income over expenditure due to consumer debts such as credit cards or loans including student loans and debts. We are also unable to help those with savings over £16000, items which should be covered by the State, residential or nursing home fees, private healthcare or education, support of other family members either in the UK or abroad or for physiotherapy education / CPD. 

Who can apply?

The MBF monies are available to help anyone who is or has been a full member of the Society (UK or overseas), an Associate member or a Student member.  We generally ask that applicants have been a member for two years (Student six months) but Trustees can be flexible in cases of severe hardship.

If you need help or know someone who needs help, please contact us on for an application form or download one below. All applications are dealt with in complete confidence.

The MBF exists to assist you wherever it can, and will remain in touch for as long as support is required. This may be weeks or years.

How can you help?

The MBF Trustees are very grateful to the CSP who give the MBF an annual grant. This, together with income from the MBF Trust Fund, enables our work to continue.

However, we are also reliant on donations from CSP members to enable us to give those little extras like a gift at Christmas and on birthdays.

You could hold a coffee morning or other event to assist the MBF or choose to remember the MBF in your will.

You can make a single donation or a regular contribution, and by using Gift Aid we can claim an extra 25p in the pound from the taxman on your donation.

You can now donate online by visiting

MBF applications and queries

If you have any queries, want more information about donations, or would like an application form sent to you, please contact

Otherwise, the application form for all members is below - please do not change the form in any way.

Once completed and signed, please send the form together with the required documents to CSP MBF, PO Box 17425, Sutton Coldfield, B73 7DY.  Electronic forms can be sent to but must also be sent by post.


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